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Vibrator NZ

A vibrator, whether used alone or with a partner, makes it much easier to achieve orgasm. Browse our best-selling sex toys for women and read customer reviews to find the best women’s vibrator.

Don’t know which vibrator to get?

The clitoris and/or the vagina are stimulated by vibrators. Increasing the intensity of powerful orgasms for many women. They’re ideal for when you’re alone and are simple (and fun!) to use during sex.

Vibrators are a sex toy that can be used in a variety of ways. If you add a little vibration to any erogenous zone, your orgasms will reach explosive new heights.

A vibrator can always teach you something, regardless of your level of experience. Are you new to vibrations? Purchase a bullet vibrator and discover a whole new world of sensations.

Do you realise how much you thrive on high vibrations? Get yourself a strong wand vibrator and keep feeling great.

Can Anyone Use a Vibrator?

Vibrators in the bedroom can be enjoyed by anyone because vibrators can target the clitoris, G-spot, P-spot, penis, or even the nipples (you can also enjoy them outside the bedroom by using a remote-controlled vibrator or putting on some vibrating panties.

All you have to do is clean your toy with sex toy cleaner, put some batteries in it (or charge it up), apply a generous amount of lube to your toy, and place it against your favourite body part and enjoy the sensations.

The first step towards positive vibes is deciding which of your favourite body parts to stimulate. Do you want a clit vibrator? Try a wand, a bullet, or a clitoral suction vibrator.

Do you want to zero in on your G-spot? Perhaps a G-spot vibrator or vibrating dildo is the best option for you.

Do you think you’ll end up using your vibrator with someone else? Consider a remote or app controlled toy.

Vibrators for Couples

In couples play, using a vibrator can be a great way to hand over control of your orgasms. Consider using a remote controlled vibrator, similar to an egg vibrator on one another, with the vibrating part held against one partner’s erogenous zone while the other controls it with the remote.

Sexsi Toys Selection of Vibrators in New Zealand

Sexsi Toys has a large selection of clit stimulators and traditional vibrators to play with, including bullets, rabbit vibrators and shaft vibrators from all major brands that you’ll just love to add to your collection.