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Sex Toys: A Healthy Dose Of Pleasure & Fun

Discover New Zealand’s greatest range of sex toys and add excitement to your sex life with thrilling new ways to play. Shop with confidence & Browse through our categories of sex toys to find the next addition to your collection.   Our shelves are loaded with fantastic adult toys that are destined to become a new bedroom drawer favourite. Using sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasms can improve your sleep, immunity, pain relief, stress reduction, and even brainpower. When you reach a climax, your brain generates a cascade of neurochemicals and hormones, including the happy hormone, dopamine, the love hormone, oxytocin, and prolactin, which results in a wonderful sense of fulfilment. An orgasm also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to calm and rest your body. This feels so nice for biological reasons. Purchasing sex toys online may also provide a significant psychological boost. Despite their previous stigma, they have completely entered the mainstream. By purchasing a toy, you are expressing your desire to celebrate your body and take charge of your sexual life.

How To Shop For A Sex Toy

There’s a sex toy for everyone these days, so there’s never been a better time to dive in. The variety of toys available might be overwhelming, but this just means that there is a toy for any need or want. You won’t know which toy is best for you unless you try it, so don’t be afraid. Remember, your main priority is to have a wonderful experience, and Sexsi Toys aims to help fulfill your needs. From tiny vibrators to giant dildos, satin blindfolds to ball gags and whips, we have it all.

What To Look For From An Adult Sex Toy Shop

Everyone can enjoy sex toys! You’ll discover the right sex toy for your desires whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or any other colour of the rainbow. Sexsi Toys’ shelves are brimming with goods to stimulate your clitoris, G-spot, P-spot, penis, balls, anus, nipples, and more. Some products, such as bullet vibrators, may be used on various erogenous zones for some sensual fun. Others, like the majority of our Blowmotion toys, are specifically created to offer focused pleasure to particular areas such as the glans and balls. Clitoral stimulation devices are focused on the clitoris and may be used to either warm you up for the main event or as a fast climax before heading out for dinner. For clitoral stimulation, you can use a clitoral  rabbit vibrator, suction device, or magic wand vibrator. G-spot stimulation can be performed with vibrators or a dildo. Vibrators are now available in a variety of eye-catching colours and may be quite lovely to look at.