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Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

Using Womanizer’s revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology, this sleek, ergonomic stimulator encircles your clitoris with a silicone head, offering 6 intensity levels to gradually build sensation. From a soft flutter to an intense pulse, use the simple interface to send yourself spiralling towards ecstasy with wave upon blissful wave.


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Product Details

This exclusive collaboration between the pleasure specialists at Lovehoney and Womanizer, as highlighted in The Sun, mixes delectably delicate suction with pulsations to shower your sensitive clitoral nerve endings with a featherlight contactless caress.

Womanizer toys "have transformed my life," according to singer Lily Allen, while one Lovehoney reviewer called the Pro40 "the greatest clitoral toy I have EVER used."

Another reviewer agreed ""Life Changing," she says, adding, "For the last 20 years, I have never been able to attain complete orgasm... Every time I've used this toy, it's gotten me there."

This sleek, ergonomic stimulator encircles your clitoris with a silicone head and uses Womanizer's breakthrough Pleasure Air Technology to gently increase pleasure. Use the easy interface to send yourself spiralling into euphoria with wave after delicious wave, from a gentle flutter to an explosive pulsing.

Waterproof construction, USB charging, and non-numbing sensations provide unending pleasure and simple climaxes at the press of a button, whenever and wherever you choose.

This device may be used for edging - bringing yourself or your partner close to orgasm, stopping or slowing down before climax, then building back up to approach orgasm again. You may do this as many times as you like. Some people find that using this approach might assist to postpone and/or intensify their orgasm (results may vary).

Please keep in mind that the Pro40 comes with only one head, however replacements are available.

To improve sensation in usage, apply a little amount of water-based lubrication around the rim.

Womanizer currently provides a 5-year guarantee on all of its goods.


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