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Vixen VixSkin Colossus Silicone Penis Extender 7 Inch


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Product Details

“Honey, I blew up my cock!” (Somewhat farfetched but stay with me!) Enlarge your main vein for porn-star proportions and treat your lover to deep stretched sensations that’ll leave their knees trembling, while you enjoy the delights of its textured canal. With a pronounced head, thick veiny shaft and super-satisfying girth its easy to see how Colossus got its name. “Do a Szalinski” and give your manhood a boost of epic proportions by sliding yourself into the textured canal and slipping your balls through the intended loop to keep it in place. Unlike many penis extenders, Vixen have made the inner canal textured to ensure you both enjoy maximum pleasure during sexytime. Enhance your experience further by popping this sleeve in warm water 10 minutes before play and don’t forget to be generous with the lube. We recommend adding lube to both the inner and outer surfaces so you both get the benefit of slip-slidey sensations.