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Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll 11kg


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Product Details

Take and be taken by this marvellously buff body. Designed for men, women and couples to play out their threesome fantasies and awaken their experimental desires, this sinewy sex doll has a phenomenal physique that feels as good as it looks. Made entirely from Fanta Flesh, this male sex doll closely simulates real skin and flesh. The doll has a stunning body, with killer pecs and 6-pack. Perhaps more importantly, the doll also boasts a thick, long and bulbous cock, which is perfect for sitting on and straddling. Backed up by 2 firm balls, the doll’s fabulously lifelike member has a firm inner texture and a soft, movable outer texture that allows you to get truly lost in your fantasies. Meanwhile, the tight anus features internal ribs that change to bumps and target the tip of your member for intense orgasms every time. Included with your well-endowed new best friend are samples of sex toy cleaner and water-based lubricant as well as a full-size bottle of revive powder to ensure that he stays in smooth and pristine condition for years to come.