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Frenchie The Beret with Hyaluronic Acid Extra-Thin Vegan Latex Condoms (3 Pack)


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Product Details

Put a little extra twirl in your moustache with The Beret condoms by Frenchie. Made super-thin so you feel real intimate with your lover, these clever condoms include hyaluronic acid in their lube formula to amp up their slickness potential during sex. It’s always easy to know which way is up with The Beret’s buttercup enclosures. Just pop the top and you’ll have a condom all ready to go. Made vegan-friendly and free from nasties, they’re a great way to add some safety to your sexytimes. Each The Beret is pre-lubricated with water-based lubricant that includes hyaluronic acid, a common ingredient in beauty products meant to draw moisture into the top layer of your skin. Perfect for giving great glide and ideal for partners with sensitive skin.