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About Satisfyer

The Satisfyer success story began with the 2016 launch of, the revolutionary, Satisfyer Pro 2. It was the rumble heard around the world and introduced the patented Air Pulse Technology, which provides revolutionary touchless clitoral stimulation through pressure waves. Leading the way to a new and more heightened state of arousal and the ultimate climax, our Satisfyer Pro 2 remains an international Bestseller – continually exciting people all over the world. We believe sexual wellness should never be a question of income. Our high-quality and elegantly designed products are available at accessible prices, ensuring that everyone who wants to experience Satisfyer, can. Plus, all of our products come with a 15 year warranty. At Satisfyer, we believe that sexuality is a creative expression experienced on a spectrum and each gender expression is infinite and non-binary. You project what you feel and what you want to reveal. With that in mind, we use terms such as “him” and “her” as descriptors, to help generally guide you towards the products that are perfect for you and your body – you are the artist and we are your medium!